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About Kanebua Pratishthan

The tradition of India revolves around Art and Culture. Music is at the core of it, which is why one of the Vedas (Samveda) is devoted to Music. The Hindustani Classical Music is a form of art which has rules and techniques, aesthetic and beauty, art and science, and requires years of dedicated taleem to achieve. Sangeetacharya D V Kanebua was a maestro of Indian Classical Music. He was a renowned vocalist of Agra- Gwalior Gharana. He lived with the philosophy of taking music to small towns and back to the roots of society. He nurtured many students like Narendra Kanekar, Sharad Jambhekar, Balasaheb Tikekar, Hrishikesh Bodas, Mangala Joshi, Varsha Bhave and Manjusha Patil. Each one of the disciples still cherish the memories of tutelage of Sangeetacharya Kanebua. Despite the authentic presentation of Raag, Kanebua always insisted upon the aesthetic thought behind Raag. Kanebua believed that within the given framework of Raag each of his disciple may present it differently and aesthetically ; and yet Kanebua encouraged such creativity of his disciples. The nitty gritty of performance including the pleasurable facial expressions were constantly insisted upon by Kanebua. For his lifetime contribution as a vocalist and Guru, he was bestowed with FIE Foundation Award, Daftari Puraskar and honorary doctorate or Sangeetacharya from Akhil. Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay Sangeetacharya D V Kanebua Pratishthan is a non-profit organisation. It is founded in the year 2007 by Hindustani Classical Vocalist Mrs. Manjusha Patil in the memory of her Guru Late Sangeetacharya D V Kanebua. Over the past 11 years around 125 programs have been organised under the Pratishthan banner. Young artists as well as established , talented musicians have performed here. The organisation has also given scholarships to young students pursuing Classical Music. It strives to work even more in the field of Hindustani Classical Music.

Objectives of Sangeetacharya D V Kanebua Pratishthan

The trust was formed on 18th April 2007. The trust has been registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and hence recognised under 80G of the Income Tax Act. Objects of the Trust are :-

  • Advancement of Indian Classical Music by organising Classical Music Programs.
  • Raising funds for such music programs.
  • Make films, CD's for advancement of Indian Classical Music. Institute award in the name of Pt. D V Kanebua and raising funds for such awards.
  • Encourage new artists by arranging competitions and to make platform available for their talent.
  • To carry out research in the field of music for its advancement.
  • To give scholarships to young artists and provide financial assistance to sick, old and needy senior artists.
  • Educating artists and students irrespective of their caste and creed, in all fields related to music.
  • Any other charitable activity on secular basis.
*Passing the legacy of Hindustani Classical Music to young generation through Gurukul. Sangeetacharya D V Kanebua Pratishthan's Gurukul is another of it's sister concern. Training i.e. taleem in Gurukul pattern is given here. 40 students are currently training here.

Shri. Govind Bedekar, (President)

Mrs. Manjusha Patil,( Secretary)

Dr. Hemant Abhyankar,(Trustee)

Shri. Sharad Gholap,(Trustee)

Shri. Chidanand Kotibhaskar, (Trustee)

2010 - Yuva Puraskar:(Kaustubh Apate, Gayan)

2009 - Yuva Puraskar:(Ganesh Papal for Pakhawaj )

2008 - Yuva Puraskar:(Ku.Sarang Ramesh Bhosle (Satar) )

2007 - Yuva Puraskar:(Ku.Vibhavari Mukund Bakhare (Gayan) )

2006 - Yuva Puraskar:(Ku.Nishad Bakre)

2011 - Sagar Morankar: (Drupad)

2011 - Deepak Survanshi : (Harmonium)

2011 - Eshwar Ghorapade : (Gayan)